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Internet marketing

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It's What You Will Learn:

1. Internet Marketing Through the Media

You will learn techniques of marketing through the Internet media, which bring more potential buyers and increase sales!

2. 3 Principles In Start an Online Business

3 pieces of basic principles in starting an online business to run your business mindset

3. Conducting Market Research

Lessons to learn and study the potential of online business category you are entering, whether the latter are profitable or not, can be seen through market research techniques, if it seem less profitable, do not need to run and find potential business categories other online

4. Determine Keyword Market Your Business

In internet marketing the product in both its own products or affiliate products, you need to know the keywords for the business market your product to be marketed, the keywords that bring in buyers not many visitors, but they do not buy

5. Checking the level of competition and Studying Your Competitors

As a new player, you need to know who your competitors are on the internet that had already been there, what the benefits of your competitors and how to get excel to compete with it, you'll be given suggestions for head to head with your competitors or target market that your competitors have not mastered is only then you head to head with your competitors

6. Some Options In Online Business Running

You do not need to be confused to learn and do business online, I've given three options, namely to sell products online (take your business to be online right now), to market affiliate products (for those who do not have a product), and create a community website to income from sponsorship and advertising affiliate products

7. Summary of Your Framework

You will be given a summary of the framework to build your online business or venture, which will leave you follow the sequence that needs to be done

8. Sell ​​Products Online

You will be given an explanation sell online products can be divided into three physical products, digital products and services. You will be given instructions which is best for you

9. Create Online Store with Free Website

You will be taught
how to create online stores with free facilities where free website has a community that has matured in terms of selling online so that you can utilize the network of free websites for marketing your product

10. Selling Digital Products

You will be given
any explanation of digital products that can be sold on the internet, there are 10 types of digital products that can be marketed and you can choose which digital products that you may run and also provided a reference website to create a digital product for example ebook, video, software , and others

11. Create Digital Products Website

You will be given an explanation what needs to be prepared in marketing digital products, you will do it yourself or outsource to other people

12. Offering Online Services or Business Services

When you move your business or services have the expertise and services can be sold, then you can use online media for marketing your services, you are looking for an online client for your business

13. Create Free Blog To Market Your Services

There are two options in making a blog with your own domain and hosting as well as with free blogs. In this material, you will be taught how to create free blogs to market your services

14. Affiliate Products to Market

If you do not have a product, you can market affiliate products to create income online, you will be taught ways of marketing affiliate products there are 2 that is the focus for marketing an affiliate product and another for many marketing affiliate products

15. Create a Free Website To Market Your Affiliate Products

You will be taught how to make a free website to market an affiliate product fruit, a free web service that will use this easier for you to get ranked in google

16. Creating business opportunities Community Website

You will be given how to create a community website, create a website community where the main objective to get online revenue from sponsors advertising and affiliate programs

17. internet marketing

You will learn two powerful internet marketing techniques that search engine marketing and community marketing, marketing through the internet, this technique is best to bring in sales

18. SEO Search Engine Marketing

You'll learn three ways of marketing through the media search engine, one of which is to make your website appear on the first page in the keyword market your product, there are still two other ways.

19. Learn SEO

You will learn to make your website indexed in google and learn SEO On Page and Off Page SEO is useful to make your website appear on the first page of google search engine for your targeted market.

20. Backlink Tricks

You will be taught how to do the trick how to search backlinks backlinks with other people's websites that have been appearing on page number 1 on google so it helps you in finding backlinks. Backlinks that contain keywords that will make your website achieve good position in google search engine

21. Business opportunities Marketing Through Social Media Website

You will learn to use social media to spread the website link to your website, so you get visitors from social media websites and use it to dominate the search results page on google

22. Community Marketing internet marketing

Did you know, potential buyers of your products or have tended to form communities online, you need to do is find where they are on the internet and offer your products to them

23. Joint Venture business opportunities

You will be given tips in making and selecting parther joint venture or cooperation partners to increase sales of your product